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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   fall 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 30 #M00586; Page(s) 181 To 191.

Study on ecological characteristics of Valerianasisymbriifolia in Yazd (Case study: Bahabad area)

Author(s):  Sharajabian F., MOSLEH ARANI A., HOSSEINI S.Z., Bagheri R., ZANDI H.
Valerianasi symbriifolia has been used as soothing nerves and eliminating insomnia. This research was conducted to identify some ecological characteristics of this species and efforts to farming in order to conservation of the species in the natural habitat. Habitat characteristics of this species such as climate, soil were studied. As well as associated species phenology and biometric characteristics of the population of the species were determined. The seeds of the species were collected and the effects of different tested on germination were studied. This species distributed at 1850 meters above sea level in the northern slope of the KamKuiye mountains of Bahabad city of the Yazd. The climate of this site is cold and dry based on Emberger method. The soil experiments indicated sandy loam texture, non-saline, with neutral to alkaline pH and low organic material for growth of Valerian. Also the regeneration of this species is well done and its vegetative growth time is from early April until late July. Juniperus, Amygdalusscoparia, Lonicera, Dionysia and Cotoneatster present as associate species in habitat of this species, indicating moisture need and mountainous areas for this species. The results also showed that gibberellic acid and potassium nitrate and cooling treatments used in most concentrations did not have significant effects on increasing of seeds germination of this species compared to control. The results of this study can be used to develop this medicinal species in areas with similar ecological conditions for conservation and using of this species.
Keyword(s): Bahabad,biometric,ecological characteristics,Valeriana sisymbriifolia,Yazd
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