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Journal:   PROGRESS IN BIOMATERIALS   2019 , Volume 8 , Number 1; Page(s) 51 To 63.

Biofabrication and characterization of flavonoid‑ loaded Ag, Au, Au– Ag bimetallic nanoparticles using seed extract of the plant Madhuca longifolia for the enhancement in wound healing bio‑ efficacy

Author(s):  Sharma Mukti, Yadav Saurabh, Ganesh Narayanan, Srivastava Man Mohan, SRIVASTAVA SHALINI*
* Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra 282005, India
The present communication warrants the presence of significant wound healing bio-efficacy of aq. alc. extract of the seed (49. 78%) of the plant Madhuca longifolia. A family of seven flavonoid fractions have been ascertained in the seed aq. alc. extract of the target plant using LCMS-8030 analysis. In vivo wound healing parameters (wound area, wound closure, epithelization period, skin breaking strength and hydroxyproline content) have been examined in Swiss albino mice models. Statistically significant (p < 0. 001) enhancement in the wound healing bio-efficacy has been effectively induced using flavonoid-loaded gold: ( Mlf@AuNps), silver: ( Mlf@AgNps), and Au– Ag bimetallic: ( Mlf@Au– AgNps) nanoparticles. Among the biofabricated nano-biomaterials, Mlf@ AgNps exhibited an exceptional enhancement in the wound healing bio-efficacy (80. 33%) attaining almost to the level of reference drug Placentrex (84. 02%). All the fabricated nano-biomaterials were thoroughly characterized using UV– Vis, XRD, FE-SEM, TEM, EDX, and DLS. The promising enhancement in the wound healing potential of the nano-biomaterial ( Mlf@AgNps) has been explained based on the cumulative effects of biological and nanotech parameters. The bio-fabricated ( Mlf@AgNps) nano-biomaterials using the plant M. longifolia have lustrous prospects for the development of complimentary herbal nanomedicine for scaling-up the wound healing bio-efficacy.
Keyword(s): Madhuca longifolia seeds ·,Flavonoid loaded nano-biomaterials ·,Characterization of nano-biomaterials ·,Wound healing activity
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