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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   fall 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 30 #M00586; Page(s) 154 To 164.

Effect of different tillage methods on weed population in three wheat cultivars

Author(s):  AALIZADEH A., Nayeri Z.
To investigate the effect of tillage methods on weed population dynamics in three wheat cultivars, an experiment was conducted in 2014 in Khan khamis, Dashte Siakh Fars province. Experimental design was split plot in a randomized complete blocks design with three replications. Tillage methods including conventional tillage (plowing, disc), reduced tillage (plowing apparatus combined) and no tillage (direct seeding using a seed drill) as main plots and three cultivars include Pishtaz, chamran and Shirudi cultivars as sub plots. The results showed that the effect of tillage systems and the interaction between tillage systems and weed density, on weeds population of narrow and wide leaves variety in various stages of wheat were significant. While the effect of cultivar on density of narrow leaf weeds in all stages of growth and broadleaf weeds in tillering stage were not significant. The effect of tillage systems on weed broad and narrow leaf dry weight was significant. In general, the highest dry weight of weeds were broadleaf weeds without tillage systems.
Keyword(s): Tillage systems,weed,wheat
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