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Journal:   INNOVATION & CREATIVITY IN HUMAN SCIENCE   fall 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 113 To 145.

Providing a model for the development of individual and organizational creativity Based on the role of social network tie and organizational commitment of agricultural extension experts in Isfahan province

Author(s):  Haji agha Parvin, alambaigi Amir, Pishbin Seyed Ahmadreza, JALILIAN SARA
Context: Looking at the complexity of community change, organizations in the near future will only be able to survive when they are able to take advantage of their capabilities, commitment, and manpower at all levels of the organization. Aim: Therefore, in this research, the aim was to investigate the effect of social network tie and organizational commitment in organizational development Agricultural Extension Experts on the incidence of individual and organizational creative behavior with the presence of the component of organizational commitment in Isfahan province. Method: The statistical population of this research were 170 people from agricultural extension experts of Agriculture Jihad in Isfahan province. The data collection tool was a standard questionnaire with Likert's five-point option and for determining the validity of the face validity method, with the opinion of the professors as well as the validity of the construct. In order to measure the reliability of the research instrument, the reliability of the combination (CR) and also the Cronbach's alpha method were used. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient for individual creativity dimension (0. 827), organizational creativity (0. 937), organizational commitment (0. 719) and social network tie (0. 871) was calculated. In this research, the information obtained from the questionnaire in the descriptive section was analyzed using software and then in the inferential part by structural equation modeling (SEM) using SMART PLS software. Result: The results show that the relationship between social network tie and organizational commitment on individual and organizational creativity was positive and meaningful. It was also found that providing a model for the development of individual and organizational creativity based on the effect of social network tie on the mediating variable of organizational commitment with a coefficient of 0. 153 on individual creativity and a coefficient of 0. 236 on organizational excellence that has an indirect effect in the society under study. Therefore, it can be said that the social network tie with organizational commitment has a positive and significant relationship, due to organizational commitment, has a positive effect on the incidence of creative behavior in the studied population.
Keyword(s): Individual Creativity,Organizational Creativity,Social Network tie,Organizational Commitment,Agricultural Extension Experts
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