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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   fall 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 30 #M00586; Page(s) 73 To 84.

Effect of low temperature stress on biochemical and physiological characteristics of some native genotypes of like-lime in north of Iran

Author(s):  Mohammadi S., KHAZAIE H.R., NEZAMI A., TAJVAR Y.
Citrus is one of the subtropical evergreen trees that are sensitive to freezing stress. Therefore, in this study, the vulnerability of six native genotypes of like-lime (1-6 number) in compare with control tolerant variety of Unshiu and sensitive variety of Persian lime (to low temperature) were studied under controlled condition to low temperature stress (3, 0,-3 and-6° C). Experiment was done through factorial in a completely randomized design. Analysis of variance showed that interaction between genotype and temperature, leaf water soaking, electrolyte leakage, lipid peroxidation, proline content and antioxidant capacity were significant. It was while that, total carbohydrates, chlorophyll a, b, total and carotenoids have not significant differences. Therefore, the highest leaf water soaking (91. 628%), electrolyte leakage (99. 3%) and lipid peroxidation (3. 32 μ gr/gr FW) were recorded in control sensitive plant (Persian lime) at-6° C temperature. While, the highest proline content (32. 006 mg. gr-1 leaf fresh weight) and antioxidant capacity (73. 36%) were observed in control tolerant plant (Unshiu) at-3° C temperature. Total carbohydrate, chlorophyll a and total chlorophyll, were significantly different only under the influence of genotype factor. Maximum amount of chlorophyll a (2. 359 mg. gr-1 leaf fresh weight), total chlorophyll (2. 932 mg. gr-1 leaf fresh weight) and total carbohydrate (33. 486 mg. gr-1 leaf fresh weight) were measured in control tolerant plant (Unshiu). Among the six native genotypes of like-lime studied, different reactions were recorded in low temperature stress. So that, after control tolerant plant (Unshiu), native genotypes like-lime No. 6 showed better resistance against low temperature stress. In contrast, native genotype like-lime No 2 in often destructive characteristics in this study, were at the same statistical rank or close to control sensitive plant (Persian lime). Thus native genotype like-lime No 2, compared to 5 native genotype like-limes, more sensitive to low temperature stress.
Keyword(s): Citrus,freezing,free radical,proline,antioxidant capacity
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