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Journal:   INNOVATION & CREATIVITY IN HUMAN SCIENCE   winter 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 3 #a00497; Page(s) 217 To 240.

Identifying the Role of Creative Art-Based Tourism with an emphasis on handicrafts education to Children

Author(s):  Mohajer Boshra, Shafiee Zahed, KHAJEH AHMAD ATTARI ALIREZA
context: Tourism is a general and inclusive industry which all sectors of society, regardless of age, race and gender must be paid attention. In this regard, children as an important part of society, due to the growing needs of the community and considering the promotion of their creativity and arts can play an important role in this issue. However, Isfahan as a creative city has lots of potentials for creative tourism based on handicrafts. purpose: The current study attempts to characterize the role of creative art-based tourism emphasizing on the training of handicrafts for children. methodology: This is a practical research and content analysis method is used. Data was collected using in-depth interviews with 28 experts in the field of tourism, arts and handicrafts, and children, which were found by snowball sampling, and data were analyzed through open coding and axial. The existing literature point out to the economical roles and improving the creativity of children. So raising children and promoting their creativity should be one of the basic priorities of Tourism and Handicrafts and the children become custodians. results: The results indicated that the art-based creative tourism is important for children; because it plays multiple roles, including the promotion of individual skills, the social, economic, cultural impacts, and contributes to sustainable development.
Keyword(s): Creative Tourism,Handicraft,Children,Isfahan
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