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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL EXTENSION   2018 , Volume 12 , Number 4; Page(s) 87 To 100.

New Operators for Fractional Integration Theory with Some Applications

Author(s):  Bezziou Mohamed, Dahmani Zoubir, SARIKAYA Mehmet Zeki*
* Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science and Arts Duzce University Duzce, Turkey
In this paper, we introduce new operators on fractional integration that we call (k; s; h)-Riemann-Liouville, (k; s)-Hadamard and (k; s; h)-Hadamard fractional integral operators. We provesome of their properties. Then, using our proposed approaches, we establish some applications oninequalities.
Keyword(s): (k,s)-Riemann-Liouville integral,k-hadamard fractional integral,semi group and commutativity properties
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