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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL EXTENSION   2018 , Volume 12 , Number 4; Page(s) 67 To 86.

Image Zooming Using Barycentric Rational Interpolation

Author(s):  ESMAILI ZAINI Ali Mohammad, BARID LOGHMANI Ghasem*, LATIF Ali Mohammad, KARBASSI Seyed Mehdi
* Department of Applied Mathematics Yazd University Yazd, Iran
Image zooming is one of the important issues of image processing that maintains the quality and structure of image. Zooming an image necessitates placing the extra pixels in the image data. Moreover, adding the data to the image must be consistent with the texture in the image in order to prevent artificial blocks. In this study, the required pixels are estimated using barycentric rational interpolation. The proposed method is a non-linear one which can preserve the edges and reduces the blur and block artifacts on the zoomed image. Numerical results are presented using PSNR and SSIM fidelity measures and they are compared to some other methods. The average PSNR of the original image and image zooming was 33. 08 which can prove that image zooming is very similar to the original image. The experimental results reveal that the proposed method has a better performance compared to other methods and can provide good image quality.
Keyword(s): Image zooming,barycentric rational formula,rational function,interpolation
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