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Journal:   INNOVATION & CREATIVITY IN HUMAN SCIENCE   winter 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 75 To 94.

The relationship between teachers' organizational innovation and job performance and job satisfaction

Author(s):  azar nioushan maryam, mashayekh maryam, mohammadi shir mahaleh Fatemeh
Background: now a day innovation is as a basic challenging for remaining organization and make it succeed because of employees’ job function and job satisfaction direct organization, individual’ s job function is very important for surviving organization and job satisfaction is necessary for productivity, so They are a main goal for each organization and each of them should be provide a possible situation for each employee till they become satisfied, one of the important organization is school which maturing new generation and the most function of it related to theachers, thus the educational authorities should be recognize the factors that improve teachers’ job function and job satisfaction. Objective: The main purpose of this study, the relationship between organizational innovation and teachers’ job performance and job satisfaction in primary schools is Alborz Province, Method: the applied research and descriptive. In order to collect information, a questionnaire that its validity was evaluated using two criteria CVR and CVI It was to help construct validity and reliability, among the sample of 200 teachers of elementary schools Alborz Province was distributed The data collected with the help of SPSS and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Pearson correlation coefficient, Durbin Watson, Fisher and regression analysis were used. Result The results showed that innovation has a significant impact on job satisfaction. The studies also showed that organizational innovation on job performance is also effective. Conclusion: Thus, according to this study, it is suggested that in order to promote job satisfaction and job performance among teachers, administrators and organizational innovation and organizational innovation is more important to be considered one of the main activities in schools.
Keyword(s): Organizational Innovation,job performance,Job Satisfaction,Alborz Province
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