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Journal:   INNOVATION & CREATIVITY IN HUMAN SCIENCE   winter 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 43 To 74.

The Effect of organizational value and knowledge-oriented leadership on innovation performance with clarifying role of knowledge sharing

Author(s):  Dehghani Soltani Mahdi, MESBAHI MARYAM, Talebi Yasaman
Background: In the current environment that is constantly changing and evolving, and the acceleration of community development has resulted in an abundance of information and multiplicity of information sources, the value and importance of concepts such as knowledge management, knowledge-oriented leadership, and innovation have become more and more evident. Purpose: The aim of present study is to invest the impacts of knowledge-oriented leadership and organizational value on innovation performance with clarifying role of knowledge sharing. Method: population of study during this study consisted from employees in public organization in city of Kerman, among which 345 subjects were selected as sample of study through stratifies random sampling way and Cochran's formula. Data gathering tool was a standard questionnaire, whose face validity was confirmed by professors and scholars in this regard. In order to determine reliability, Cronbach alpha coefficient was used. Present study is an applied descriptive survey in terms of purpose and data gathering way. Considered model was explored using structural equations model and software LISREL. Findings: The findings from the statistical model indicate that the proposed model is elegant data and organizational values and knowledge-oriented leadership have a significant positive effect on innovation performance, however, the sharing of knowledge in relation to the role of mediator. Conclusions: In this regard, when the knowledge sharing as a mediating variable in the equation is treated with more power. In other words it can be said that organizational value and knowledge-oriented leadership with role mediator knowledge sharing by increase innovation performance. This research will contribute in increasing the knowledge upon the impacts of organizational value and knowledge-oriented leadership on innovation performance and also indicating the role of knowledge sharing as a psychological mechanism, through which organizational value and knowledge-oriented leadership effects on innovation performance.
Keyword(s): Organizational value,Knowledge-oriented leadership,Innovation performance,Knowledge Sharing
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