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Journal:   JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCHES IN CHEMISTRY (JARC)   fall 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 87 To 94.

Manganese polymeric sensor based on scanometry

Author(s):  Kaedi Faezeh, ESMAIELZADEH SHEIDA*, Khajehzadeh Abdolreza
* Department of Chemistry, Darab Azad University, Darab, Iran
In this study, a new and inexpensive polymeric sensor was developed for determination of Manganese in the aqueous media. The scanometric method was used to measure the color intensities of each polymeric film. In the scanometry, the image of films were transferred into image analyzing software. In the software any spots of the film were analyzed to red, green, and blue color parameters. For the preparation of polymeric manganese sensor film, triacetylcellulose was chosen as substrate and by using the activation process, Brilliant Cresyl Blue stabilized on inexpensive polymer substrate. After the polymer film made quite active, the experimental parameters including film response time, range of pH, concentration of brilliant cresyl blue was optimized. In this study, linear range and sensitivity of polymeric sensor film for all color parameters were obtained. Maximum linear range was obtained for red and blue (equal) and minimum linear range was obtained for green paremeter. Also, the green parameter had maximum sensitivity in the films.
Keyword(s): Scanometry,Polymeric Sensor Film,Manganese,Triacetylcellulose,Brilliant Cresyl Blue
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