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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   spring 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 32 ; Page(s) 108 To 116.

Agro-physiological responses of barley to foliar application of some plant-hormones under dryland farming

Author(s):  najafnia sabrie, HATAMI ALI, zare MOHAMMAD JAVAD
A field study carried out during 2014-2015 to investigate the effect of various plant hormones, applied single or in combination, on grain yield, yield components and protein content of barley cultivar of Sararood under dryland farming. Experiment conducted at farm research of Ilam university a randomized complete block design consisted of 8 treatments including control, IAA, GA, KIN, IAA+GA, IAA+KIN, GA+KIN and IAA+KIN+GA, replicated in three times. Foliar application of hormones was done when plants were at flowering stage. Results showed that foliar application of hormone treatments resulted in enhanced total chlorophyll, chlorophyll a contents, 1000-grain weight and grain protein content. Foliar application combination of IAA+ KIN had the greatest promoting effects on total chlorophyll and chlorophyll a contents, 1000-grain weight and grain protein and increased total chlorophyll, chlorophyll a contents, 1000-grain weight and grain protein content by 8. 69, 10. 6 and 9. 85%, respectively. Foliar application of hormones, single or in combination, had not significantly effect on plant height, total number of spike m-2, grain number spike-1, grain yield and harvest index. Overall, results of this experiment suggested partial positive effect of plant hormone on agronomic traits of barley under dry land farming.
Keyword(s): Grain Protein,Grain yield,Chlorophyll,Plant hormone
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