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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ANIMAL BIOLOGY   summer 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 4 #r00475; Page(s) 79 To 90.

The Effect of Scrophularia striata Hydroalcoholic Extract in the Prevention of Gastric Ulcers Induced by Indomethacin in Rats

Author(s):  FERDOWSI SH., HOOSHMANDI Z.*, Shahmoradi e.
* Department of Biology, Sanandaj Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran
A peptic ulcer is a common disease. One of the goals of therapy is using drugs with fewer side effects. This study aimed to investigate the effect of Scrophularia strata (Scrophularia) extract in the prevention of gastric ulcers induced by indomethacin in rats. Overall, 64 male Wistar rats were divided into 8 groups. Experimental groups including 1-control group that received normal saline 0. 9% and at the last day received 48 mg indomethacin. 2-Ascorbic acid 50 mg/kg-indomethacin treatment; 3-Omeprazole 10 mg/kg-indomethacin treatment; 4-Ranitidine 50 mg/kg-indomethacin treatment; 5-S. strata 10 mg/kg – indomethacin treatment; 6-S. strata 50 mg/kg-indomethacin treatment; 7-S. strata 100 mg/kg-indomethacin treatment; 8-S. strata 150 mg/kg-indomethacin treatment. After macroscopic examination, stomach tissue was studied to examine the enzymes catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase. Catalase and glutathione peroxidase activity levels in S. strata 50, 100 and 150 mg/kg treatment was significantly increased compared with the control group (P<0. 001). The superoxide dismutase activity in S. strata 100 and 150 mg/kg treatment was significantly increased compared with the control group (P<0. 001). Stomach tissue damage significantly decreased in the group receiving 100 and 150 mg/kg S. strata and group receiving ranitidine and indomethacin compared to control (P<0. 001). S. strata extract increased catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase and dose-dependently prevented the stomach tissue damage (by increasing the level of endogenic antioxidant).
Keyword(s): Scrophularia striata,Glutathione peroxidase,Catalase,superoxide dismutase
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