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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ANIMAL BIOLOGY   summer 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 4 #r00475; Page(s) 13 To 24.

Effects of Combined Extracts of Allium sativum and Citrus limon on Atherosclerosis Inflammatory Risk Factor (hs-CRP) in Male Wistar Rats under High-fat Diet

Author(s):  Baradaran Khalkhali p., HAERI ROUHANI S.A., YAGHMAEE P.*
* Department of Biology, Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Cardiovascular disease, which includes atherosclerosis, is one of the major diseases in the world. High sensitive C-reactive protein is the most sensitive inflammatory marker that recently its serum level predicts risk of cardiovascular disease is suggested. Both garlic (Allium sativum) and lemon (citrus limon) are used in the traditional management of CVD without a scientific evidence of the benefit of their combination. This study designed to investigate the hypolipidemic and anti-inflammatory effects of combined extracts of A. sativum and C. limon in male Wistar rats after high-fat diet for eight weeks. For this purpose, 42 adult male rats of Wistar strain, with weights between 200 and 250 gr, were divided into six groups (n=7). Group control and Exp3 was fed on normal pellet diet while group control fat, Sham, Exp1 and Exp2 fed on high-fat diet for up to 8 wk. The combined extract was administered to rats in graded doses for 4 wk and blood serum was analyzed for C-reactive protein and total cholesterol. Results are expressed as means ± SE. Significance differences of biochemical measurements were analyzed by using repeated measure and ANOVA tests to identify differences in phases and among groups. When appropriate, a Tukey posthoc was applied. Statistical significance was accepted at PA. sativum and C. limon was recognizable. However, future long-term well-designed investigations would provide valuable information to establish public health recommendations on the combined extract, taking into account both the nature of the compounds and the optimal dose, for cardiovascular health protection.
Keyword(s): Atherosclerosis,C-reactive protein,Allium sativum,Citrus limon,Wistar Rat,Hyperlipidemia
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