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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   winter 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 31 ; Page(s) 0 To 0.

Investigation of the biomass changes in two species of Bromus tomentellus Boiss. and Festuca ovina L. (Case study: Alamout mountain rangelands-Ghazvin)

Author(s):  RASHVAND S.*, YEGANEH H.
* Research Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ghazvin, Iran
Without knowing the characteristics and amount of forage plants in a rangeland during the grazing period, planning and management, and livestock grazing are not possible. So changes the production and consumption of important grasses was measured in the semi-steppe rangelands of Alamout mountain rangelands-Ghazvin. Every year the same number in the enclosure bases and outside bases the enclosure of the same species Bromus tomentellus Boiss. and Festuca ovina L. was chosen to investigate changes in production and consumption. In each month of the season forage production and consumption, 5 base of each species harvested and transported to the laboratory separation in separate envelopes after air drying, dry weight difference inside and outside the enclosure, calculation of forage produced and consumed at the site. Data from 1386 to 1389 (for four years), the combined analysis of variance was used in a completely randomized design. Analysis of variance results showed that the studied species the significant differences between years and months inventory is considered in terms of forage production and consumption of the species there. The consumption compared to the same species and time to peak strain it was also same between the months of operation.
Keyword(s): Grasses,rangelands,grazing season,enclosure,ghazvin and utilization
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