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Journal:   KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY   winter 2019 , Volume 19 , Number 4 (74) #b00523; Page(s) 56 To 65.

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy Based on Mindfulness on Fear of Delivery in Primiparous Women

Author(s):  Aminolroayaee Maryam, AGHAEI ASGHAR*
* Department of Phsycology, Khorasgan Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
The objective of this research was to study the effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy on fear of childbirth in primiparous women. This was a semi-experimental research, having a pretest-posttest design, a control group and one-month follow up period. The statistical population of this research was including all of primiparous pregnant women in spring 2017 in Isfahan city (Amin hospital). Of this statistical population, 40 individuals were selected using convenience sampling method and placed in two control (20 individuals) and test (20 individuals) groups. The tool used in this research was an Attitude Towards Childbirth Questionnaire (Harmen, 1998. Before performing the interventions, pre-tests were done for both of the groups. After ending the sessions, post-test and one-month follow-up period were done. Results analysis using covariance analysis test showed that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy was effective on fear of childbirth in primiparous women (P<0. 05). Moreover, the results of follow-up period showed that the training of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy has a lifetime effect.
Keyword(s): mindfulness-based cognitive therapy,fear of childbirth,primiparous women
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