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Journal:   KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY   winter 2019 , Volume 19 , Number 4 (74) ; Page(s) 44 To 55.

The effectiveness of compassion focused therapy on impulsiveness, interpersonal sensitivity and self mutilation in borderline personality disorder

* University of Kurdistan, Iran
The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of compassion-based therapy on impulsivity, interpersonal sensitivity and self-harm in people with borderline personality disorder with self-reported history. This research was conducted within the framework of a single subject design with a baseline, with a simultaneous start, in 9 sessions for one hour on five patient follow-up trials. The statistical population in this study was patients with borderline personality disorder, of whom five were identified with the borderline personality disorder and according to volunteering and adapted to the criteria of the study, they were selected through targeted sampling, which was determined according to the diagnosis of a psychiatrist with this disorder. Data were collected through Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (Bar-On, 1980) and Interpersonal Impulsiveness and Interpersonal Sensitivity subscales. Data analysis by diagram and change coefficient showed that the intervention had significant and significant changes in signs and symptoms of self-mutilation of border patients. Contra-based treatment interventions have been effective on impulsiveness, interpersonal sensitivity, and self-confidence in people with borderline personality disorder.
Keyword(s): borderline personality disorder,self-mutilation,compassion-focused therapy.impulsiveness,interpersonal sensitivity
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