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Journal:   SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF RESCUE AND RELIEF   winter 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 4 (36) ; Page(s) 54 To 67.

Investigating the civil liability of relief workers due to use of animals in relief operations

* Isfahan University of Law, Isfahan, Iran
Background: The relief workers civil liability for animals has been a subject of human society. The responsibility that is under the Liability for Objects and has been mentioned in Islamic Republic of Iran's civil law nevertheless has not been separately investigated. Regarding the fact of using animals in some relief operations, this article aims to investigate this liability in Sharia, jurisprudence and Islamic law through a comparative study. Method: This research was carried out by using library and documentary methods. Therefore, all related books and articles were collected and analyzed. Conclusion: The result showed that in some cases, this responsibility is not based on relief worker's fault. Several manifestation of liability arising from animals that have not been considered or mentioned in Iran's civil law is discussed referring to the applicable sharia. It is explained that in some specific cases (situations) there will be no liability to the owner or the protector (relief worker) of the object (animal in these case) and other liabilities. All the general rules of tortious liability apply to animals in much the same way as they apply to other chattels.
Keyword(s): responsibility,animal,owner,protection,fault
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