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Journal:   ENVIRONMENTAL BASED TERRITORIAL PLANNING (AMAYESH)   spring 2019 , Volume 12 , Number 44 ; Page(s) 127 To 156.

Locating Hospital Centers by Focusing on Natural Disasters Using the ANP Model (A Case Study of District 5 of Tehran)

* Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran
Site selection of important urban land use is considered as an efficient decision in health treatment centers about which the urban managers often come with some complex decisions. The present research aimed at selecting sites for hospital centers with an emphasis on natural hazards. Using analysis network process (ANP), this research benefits from descriptive-analytical method and a list of criterion prepared for hospitals site selection. Using ANP technique and pairwise comparison of items by 20 professors and experts in the field of urban planning, the weight of each criterion was calculated. According to the number of criteria and ultimate weight of sub-criteria, the desired layers at GIS were created. The findings of the study showed that the present locating of the existing hospitals in the district 5 of Tehran is inappropriate as far as natural disasters such as earthquake are considered. Also based on the findings which are the result of merging information layers, three new locations were suggested for founding hospital centers. Using SWOT table and considering the information offered by experts, an appropriate place was suggested for building a hospital. The findings of the present study may offer solutions for urban managers to understand and prioritize problems of urban management and finding solutions for such problems.
Keyword(s): site selection,hospital center,natural disasters,GIS,ANP
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