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Journal:   ENVIRONMENTAL BASED TERRITORIAL PLANNING (AMAYESH)   spring 2019 , Volume 12 , Number 44 ; Page(s) 43 To 64.

Multiple Criteria Location Allocation of Green Spaces Using Land-use Suitability Analysis Method (A Case Study of Arak)

Author(s):  Mohaghegh Nasab Enayatoallah*, NASTARAN MAHIN, Mohammadi Mahmoud
* Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development, Art University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
Urban land use and its location have always been the interesting topics for the urban planning researchers. So the scholars have always tried to pay attention to base and surroundings proximity, compatibility and incompatibilities, utility and other factors, in location allocation of urban land uses. With the arrival of the computer technology and development of geographic information systems, the possibility of attention to these factors and their effectiveness in the process of planning, is more than before. In this regard and in order to realize the consideration of these factors in planning, this study is trying to find the most suitable area for green land use in Arak. In this article which is applied in terms of purpose and is descriptive analytical in terms of method, land-use suitability analysis, linear combination and Delphi methods have been used. The findings of this article obtained from overlaying analytical compatibility maps, land valuing, land ownership, functional radius, proximity to roads, passive defense, and crisis management and natural and geographical factors of Arak, indicated that some of the lands with development potential in Arak were more suitable for green land use. Also the results of this article showed that the combination of multi criteria location allocation based on geographic information system and Delphi jury method can be used as a decision support system of location allocation of green land use and thus can provide the acceptable results.
Keyword(s): location allocation,green space land use,land-use suitability analysis,Delphi technique,Geographic Information System (GIS)
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