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Journal:   CURRICULUM PLANNING KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES   spring 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 33 (60) ; Page(s) 87 To 103.

Conceptual Framework of educational Package compilation of Cognitive and Neuropsychological plays in Children with Dyslexia

Author(s):  Dehghan Najmeh, Nadi Mohammad Ali*, Farmarzi Salar, Arefi Mozhgan
* Department of Educational Management, Khorasgan Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
the general purpose of the research is analyzing a conceptual framework for building a educational package of cognitive and neuropsychological plays in children with dyslexia, through using cognitive and neuropsychological factors of dyslexia. Through using available sampling method, all researches performed up from2001 to 2017 have been analyzed. Data were analyzed using content analysis method and Nvivo software. Data analysis showed 8 organizing contents: Cognitive-perceptual deficits, deficit in memory skills, deficit in attention, and deficit in phonological processing, deficit in central cohesion, deficit in the naming and processing rate, deficit in motor skills and deficit in executive functions. Also 38 basic contents were appeared for building an educational package of cognitive and neuropsychological plays in children with dyslexia. In order to assess the validity and appropriateness of the proposed model a questionnaire was desined and distributed among the experts who had knowledge and expertise in the field of learning disorders and coding reliability was confirmed using the Holstee method.
Keyword(s): Children with Dyslexia,Cognitive plays,Neuropsychology,Educational package
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