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Journal:   CURRICULUM PLANNING KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES   spring 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 33 (60) #f00659; Page(s) 55 To 76.

How to Promote Professional Competencies of Teachers & Determine their Effectiveness

Author(s):  Vaghoor Kashani Mahdieh Sadat*, Haji Hossein Nejad Gholam Reza, Mousapour Nematollah, Ebrahimzadeh Isa
* Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
The purpose of this paper is to provide solutions for improving the professional competencies of teachers and determining their effectiveness. In this mixed method study, the strategies were extracted through the study of authoritative internal and external resources and the review of the views of the experts. They were classified in four categories based on "Teacher Education Curriculum Architecture in Iran". They were classified under four headings: Competencies related to subject knowledge, Competencies related to educational knowledge, Competencies related to subject-oriented training, and Competencies related to general knowledge. The views of some people of four groups including faculty members, teachers of teacher training students, outstanding teachers, student teachers about the status and priority of the effectiveness of the solutions were collected and analyzed. The average solution rates for all responses were the same in all cases (with the exception of two cases). These results show that there is a similarity (at least on the basis of statistical analysis), about the identified strategies, between the views of experts (university professors) and stakeholders (teachers and student teachers). This shows the alignment of the fields of "opinion" and "action" which makes it easier to plan the professional growth programs for teachers. Also, the "acquisition of competencies related to subject knowledge" strategies with the highest average of 84/15 have the highest ability and the "acquisition of competences in the subject-oriented training" with the average of 52/95 have the least ability.
Keyword(s): Teachers’Professional Competencies,Qualified Teacher,Teachers practice,Strategies of Teacher Efficiencies
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