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Journal:   JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICAL NANOSTRUCTURES   FALL 2018 , Volume 3 , Number 4; Page(s) 45 To 58.

Absorption Spectra of a Graphene Embedded One Dimensional Fibonacci Aperiodic Structure

Author(s):  RAHIMI HADI*
* Department of Physics, Shabestar Azad University, Shabestar, Iran
In this paper, we explore the linear response of one dimensional quasiperiodic structure based on Fibonacci sequence composed of silicon dioxide, polystyrene and graphene materials. Here, a graphene monolayer is sandwiched between two adjacent layers. The numerical results are obtained by using the standard transfer matrix method. Due to the presence of graphene sheet in each structure, in the initial range of THz, an additional gap GPBG is induced which is absent in the case of without graphene. The amplitude of absorption peaks at the upper edge of the GPBG significantly enhances, when damping factor increases. The height of the absorption peak at the GPBG edge goes up as the temperature increases. At the GPBG edge, with increasing the thickness of graphene, the absorption peak rises and shifts to the lower frequencies. Moreover, we have realized that the amplitude of absorption peaks at the upper edge of the GPBG significantly enhance by increasing damping factor.
Keyword(s): Graphene,Spectroscopy,Band gap,Quasiperiodic structures
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