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Journal:   CURRICULUM PLANNING KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 32 (59) ; Page(s) 95 To 114.

Effective teaching component of teachers in curriculum planning

Author(s):  abdolmaleki Saber*, maleki Hasan, Asadi Faeze
* Department of Curriculum studies, Faculty of Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Allameh Tabataba'I University, Tehran, Iran
Teach a focal point for all training activities and enhance the quality of teaching and learning strongest professors at the university. The importance of quality teaching and it is such an important topic in today's higher education landscape is transformed. The aim of this study was to identify elements of effective teaching professors of curriculum planning qualitative research with phenomenological approach was used. For this purpose, 21 students of Tehran and Allameh Tabatabaei University curriculum planning conditions had given samples using semi-structured interviews were exploratory study. Data collected, recorded and coded and classified into main categories Grdyd. thlyl content curriculum the students about the components of effective teaching professors led to the identification code 328 primary, 26 sub themes and features 6 original scientific content (mastery of, scientific knowledge valid and up to date teaching the subject, the relationship between theory and practice in the subject, researcher approach to teaching); teaching skills (expression Shiva understandable and coherent, different teaching methods, active teaching methods, use of facilities and Tools Kmkamvzshy) classroom management (time management to lesson plans, classroom rules more flexible, interactive management style, communication skills) moral qualities (the spirit of criticism, attention and respect for students, humor, punctuality, love to teach and students; justice), motivation (the use of different sources of motivation, encouraging students to learn, attention to individual differences of students, creating excitement in the training process) and evaluation (using new and varied methods of assessment, fitness evaluation method to subject; the emphasis on process evaluation circuit was).
Keyword(s): Effective teaching,learning,curriculum,higher education
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