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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MICROBIAL WORLD   September 2018 , Volume 11 , Number 3 (36) ; Page(s) 243 To 257.

Antimicrobial effects of extracellular copper sulfide nanoparticles synthesized from Bacillus licheniformis

Author(s):  ASHENGROPH MORAHEM*, Sahami Soltani MARYAM
* University of Kurdistan, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences, Sanandaj, Iran
Background & Objectives: Copper nanoparticles due to unique catalytic properties and electrical and optical conductivity are of great importance. This study was aimed to use the potential of aquatic bacteria as biocatalysts to reduce copper sulfate into copper sulfide nanoparticles (CuSNPs) and to assess its antimicrobial properties. Materials & Methods: The CuSNPs produced via bioconversion reaction have been characterized by spectroscopy analysis, electro-micrographs prepared by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and particle size distribution histogram. The antimicrobial activity of CuSNPs against some bacteria and pathogenic fungi was also investigated by disc diffusion test. Results: 105 Cu-resistant bacterial strains have been isolated according to selective enrichment technique. Based on the results, the only culture supernatant of strain Cu25 was able to reduce copper sulfate into copper sulfide nanoparticles (CuSNPs), extracellular. The cu25 strain was identified as Bacillus licheniformis based on phenotypic and molecular analysis. Subsequently, the extracellular synthesis of CuSNPs was investigated. The results showed that the supernatant of B. licheniformis Cu25 following exposure to 7. 5 mM copper sulfate solution and 24 h of incubation can produce spherical CuSNPs with the average diameter of 21. 5 nm as extracellular. Conclusion: The current study is the first report on the extracellular synthesis of CuSNPs using B. licheniformis. Also, the produced biological nanoparticles have growth inhibitory effect against some pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
Keyword(s): Bacillus licheniformis,Copper sulfide nanoparticle,Inhibitory effect,Extracellular synthesis
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