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Journal:   CURRICULUM PLANNING KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 32 (59) #f00658; Page(s) 62 To 74.

Critical theory impact on the curriculum studies theorizing

Author(s):  MANSOORI SIRUS*, Karimi Mohammad Hasan, Kowsary Majid, Abedini Baltork Meimanat
* Ardakan Azad University, Ardakan, Iran
Critical theory in recent decades have been affected field of education and curriculum studies that its results are emergence of terms and theories such as the reproduction theory, resistance theory and hidden curriculum that used frequently in educational texts. The general idea of critical theorists that generally are Neo-Marxist is based on conflict between the dominant and the dominated in education. This paper has examined at analysis approach, both study of critical theory, and also theories derived from the field of curriculum studies. In addition, given the criticisms and then its application to curriculum. Theories and key concepts derived from critical theory are including the reproduction theory, resistance theory and hidden curriculum which are discussed in this article. Reproduction theory is following this idea that educational system and the curriculum by providing specific conditions to reproduce the existing culture and is in domination hands. Hidden curriculum refers to the fact that in the context of the school curriculum, but conscious, students push gives to the ruling system. Resistance theory that the human factor at this point important is believed that Students and down stairs in the school curriculum is resistant to existence curriculum. Finally, the paper looks at the application of some elements of the curriculum based on critical theory.
Keyword(s): critical theory,curriculum,reproduction theory,resistance theory,hidden curriculum
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