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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   summer 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 146 To 155.

Effect of harvesting time on forage yield and protein content of different alfalfa cultivars in Yazd region

Author(s):  TABATABAEI S.A., SHAKERI E., Alinia m.
In forage production systems, operations such as harvesting time is very important for suitable forage production and if it is not accomplished on time, reduction of forage yield is not avoidable. In order to study the effect of cultivar and different harvests on forage yield and protein content of alfalfa cultivars, an experiment was conducted as split plot arranged in randomized complete blocks design with four replications at Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Yazd in 2013-14. The treatments included six different cultivars (Mecasersa, Santetic, Yazdi, Bami, Nikshahri and Baghdadi) and seven harvesting times. The results showed that effect of cultivar and harvests was significant on all traits. Misasirsa, Yazdi, Bami and Santetic cultivars had the highest fresh forage (17. 29, 17. 02, 17. 37 and 18. 27 t/ha) and dry (4. 47, 4. 7, 4. 56 and 4. 59 t/ha), yields, respectively. Among the different cultivars and harvests, Nikshahri and Yazdi had the highest leaf stem ratio (1. 16 and 1. 18, respectively), and first harvest had the highest (2. 0) leaf stem ratio. Among the cultivars, the percentage of dry matter of Nikshahri cultivar was higher (%27. 8) than other cultivars. First and third harvest had the highest dry matter percentage (30. 5 and 29. 99, respectively). Among the harvests, first one had the highest dry forage yield (6. 55 t/ha). Protein percentage of Mecersrsa cultivar was higher (21. 98) than other cultivars. First and third harvests had the highest protein percentage (%22. 81 and 21. 98, respectively). Generally, Yazdi cultivar had the highest leaf stem ratio (2. 68), dry matter percentage (34. 68) and dry forage yield (8. 03 t/ha) at first harvest, and had the highest of all traits at other harvests and therefore can be the most suitable for Yazd region.
Keyword(s): Dry forage percent,dry forage yield,first harvest,yazdi cultivar
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