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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   summer 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 136 To 145.

Effect of row spacing on yield quantity and quality of some determinate and indeterminate growth bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. ) varieties in Guilan climatic condition

Author(s):  Kazemi Taskoh n., MOSTAFAVI RAD M., Ansary m.h.
In order to evaluate row spacing effects on quantitative and qualitqtive yield of some bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. ) varieties with different growth habits, a field experiment carried out in 2013-14 growing season as split plot arrangement based on complete block design with three replications in Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center of Guilan Province (Talesh), Iran. Row spacing including of 40, 50, 60, 70 centimeter and five bean varieties including of Sadri, Goli, Akhtar, Pak, Dorsa along with local Pach bean colony as check were randomized in main plots and sub plots, respectively. The greatest seed yield obtained in local Pach bean colony with determinate habit as affected by 50 and 60 centimeter row distances. But, had not significan difeference with Pak variety. The highest pod number per plant and the greatest seed number per plant were shown as affected by the interaction effect between 40 centimeter × Pak variety. The highest harvest index belonged to the interaction effects berween 50 centimeter × local Pach bean colony. In this experiment, the greatest seed protein content obtained as affected by the interaction effects between 40 centimeter × Goli variety. On the basis of this research results, it seems that by decreasing of planting row distances, seed yield is reducted in baens varieties due to radiation deficit within plant canopy, decrement of plant photosynthesis and insufficient allocation of assimilates to bean seeds.
Keyword(s): Bean,growth habits,protein,plant density,yield
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