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Journal:   THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL RESEARCH (AFAGHE HEKMAT)   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 16 ; Page(s) 151 To 178.

Sabzawari and Harmonizing his Viewpoint with Mulla Sadr's on the vision

Author(s):  Tavakoli moahmmad hadi*, Shidanshid Hossein Ali
* institute for humanities and cultural studies, Tehran, Iran
Sadr, who believed that while visioning, the human soul creates sensible forms, disagreed and criticized Suhrawardi's theory according to which, while visioning, the human soul gains illuminative knowledge in presence during the vision. Sabzawari defended Suhrawardi's theory and in addition to answering Sadr's criticism, tried to harmonize Suhrawardi's theory with the foundations of transcendent philosophy. The article is reporting, reviewing, and investigating to harmonize these two points of view as a new approach. The result is that two explanations can be understood from his words. These explanations suffer from some defects including incompatibility with illuminative philosophy, but the theory which is obtained from his second explanation is adjusted to the transcendent philosophy and can be regarded as a new theory in the history of development of theories on the quality of vision.
Keyword(s): vision,Sabzawari,Suhrawardi,Mulla Sadr,soul
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