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Journal:   THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL RESEARCH (AFAGHE HEKMAT)   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 16 #f00657; Page(s) 99 To 123.

A comparative epistemological study of Existence and Quiddity in Transcendent Wisdom and Noumenon and Phenomenon in Critical philosophy

Author(s):  Kakaei ghasem, Bonyani mohammad*, Etemadi far marzieh
* philosophy department, Shiraz university
Epistemology is one of the most important issues in philosophy. Since the principle issue of Transcendent Wisdom is the principality of existence, response to this question depends on the principality of existence. According to the principality of existence, existence is real and principal in the external world and quiddity is derivative. According to Mulla Sadra’ s opinion the reality of existence does not come in mind, so the conformity of subject to object in his philosophy refers to the issue of quiddity and existence. We can elicit two meanings of principality from Mulla Sadra’ s opinion that each of them leads to different conclusions and conformity of subject to object is different from each other in both meanings. According to Kant subject does not correspond to object, because what is in our mind which is known to us, is only the Phenomenon and manifestation of objects and our mind cannot know the reality of objects. In this way, corresponding of subject with object in Kant’ s philosophy refers to Noumenon and Phenomenon. To investigate these two approaches, we decided to compare existence in its different meanings with Noumenon and also quiddity in its meanings with Phenomenon. Being in some aspects is similar to psychological meaning of noumenon, but the being is more general than noumenon.
Keyword(s): Existence,Quiddity,Noumenon,Phenomenon
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