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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   summer 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 15 To 24.

The Effect of Irrigation and use of organic Fertilizers and Agronomic and Physiological traits millet Varieties (Panucum miliaceum L)

Author(s):  MASOOD SINAKI J., HATAMI M.R., LAEI GH., gharib bolouk s.
In order to evaluate the effect of irrigation and use of organic fertilizers and agronomic and physiological traits millet varieties (split-split plot) in a randomized complete block design with three replications Damghan in 2012-2013. Millet cultivars (Bastan and Pishahang) were the main factor, no irrigation stress (stages of BBCH55 and BBCH65 and control) were the sub factor and fertilizer level (no fertilizer, farmyard manure 100% and compost 100%) was the sub-sub factor. The results showed that the greatest amount of soluble sugars was 13. 62% under the three factor effect of cultivar, no irrigation and fertilizing in Pishahang cultivars with control fertilizing rate and no irrigation at BBCH55 stage. The highest amount of fiber under the three factor effect was 55. 44% in Bastan cultivar with farmyard manure 100% and control. The highest protein percentage was in the interaction between cultivar and no irrigation in Pishahang cultivar and no irrigation at BBCH65 stage. Maximum percentage of ash was 8. 1648% in Bastan cultivar. The highest dry matter production was 54. 14% in the interaction between cultivar and no irrigation in Pishahang cultivar and no irrigation at control stage. According to the results, we can say that both Bastan and Pishahang cultivars have good forage yield and considering their short growing period, they can be used as second crops for forage production. Moreover, severe stress reduces the forage yield and production efficiency. In addition, adding farmyard manure and compost significantly increases the yield in these forage plants.
Keyword(s): forage millet,no irrigation,Organic fertilizer,Protein,Soluble sugars
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