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Journal:   ENVIRONMENTAL BASED TERRITORIAL PLANNING (AMAYESH)   Winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 43 ; Page(s) 215 To 234.

Analysis of the Relationship between Spatial Structure and Motion Behaviors of Users Using Space Syntax (A Case Study of the Central Pardis of Tehran University)

Author(s):  Kalantari Saiedeh, EKHLASI AHMAD*, Andaji Garmarudi Ali, Khalil beigi Khameneh Arman
* Department of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, university of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
Designing architectural space, specially a university space as is the goal of the present research, while ignoring the coherent spatial structure can cause high density or abandonment of different parts of the space. This paper examines the relationship between spatial structure and user movements in the central Pardis of Tehran University. For this purpose, a campus with seven colleges, a mosque, a central library and other related buildings was studied. In order to analyze the spatial structure, the "space syntax" method was used. The method of doing this research was simulation using the Depth map software. A case study, which is valuable in terms of architecture and scientific and cultural values, was also used to conduct the research. In this analysis, four factors in social, physical and behavioral subgroups were analyzed which were ultimately compared to the natural motion factor. The tables for this simulation were extracted and the obtained results were discussed. The results showed that there is a strong and significant relationship between the value of spatial integration derived from the space syntax analysis and the motor behaviors of users. Therefore, one of the important reasons for users' congestion in some places, as well as being abandoned in some other places, is due to the physical structure of the site. Based on the results, changes can be made to user mobility considering the proposed architecture in the campus of university. This research also focuses on analyzing and evaluating in its methodology based on the space syntax approach in a case study.
Keyword(s): spatial structure,user motion behavior,space syntax,degree,integration,depth,connectivity
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