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Journal:   THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL RESEARCH (AFAGHE HEKMAT)   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 16 #f00657; Page(s) 31 To 43.

Method in Hegel's Logic

Author(s):  Mafi Moghaddam hossein, Morad khani ali*
* north tehran azad university
The discussion about Method in Logic is very important, because it makes clear content, aim and nature of logic. Logic like other sciences based on method and it must be determined which method is used in logic. For example in Aristotelian logic the method is deductive one, that is, rational deduction from premises of categorical and conditional propositions. Bacon's empirical logic is based on experiment and induction. In Kant transcendental logic, the conception of method differs entirely from deduction and empirical method. In Kant’ s view, method means determination of a priori conditions of knowledge. Hegel has different concept comparing to Kant. In Hegel’ s approach, method is dynamic process in which we can determine organic structure and generation of categories. Accordingly, the method is regarded as comprehensive system that finally all multiplicity of categories will be unified, in other words, method is form containing all contents of logic.
Keyword(s): method,longitudinal movement,Determination,Content,intelligible Form
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