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Journal:   ENVIRONMENTAL BASED TERRITORIAL PLANNING (AMAYESH)   Winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 43 ; Page(s) 183 To 214.

Political, Security and Space Economic Planning and rganizing in the Region of Makran to Provide a Strategic Model for Regions of Iran; A Case Study of Chabahar

Author(s):  Baluch Ozair, LOTFI HEIDAR*
* Garmsar Azad University, Garmsar, Iran
Chabahar region possesses strategic, geographic, political, economic and cultural backgrounds and has the potentials for the development of eastern part of our country and even the whole of Iran, as well as for the neighboring countries in the region and even for global economic relations. The main objective of this paper was to plan and organize political, security and economic space in the Makran region in order to present a strategic model for the regions of Iran with an emphasis on Chabahar. The main question of this study was that what characteristics the region of Makran must have so that a model can be taken from them to be used for the whole regions in Iran as well as Chabahar? In addition to the main question, the other questions of this study are: What is the history of space organizing? What ideas have been made about space organizing? In this article the Swat model was used to categorize the political, security and economic, internal and external, important and influential factors in planning and organizing space in the region of Makran and identification of Chabahar's capabilities, shortcomings, opportunities and threats in order to present a strategic model for most regions of Iran. The hierarchical analysis process (AHP) has been used to measure the weight of the measures. The results of this study showed that the first and the best strategy for managing and planning the political, security and economic space in the region of Makran and Chabahar are the defensive strategies.
Keyword(s): space organization,Makran region,Iran,Chabahar
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