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Journal:   THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL RESEARCH (AFAGHE HEKMAT)   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 16 ; Page(s) 7 To 30.

Epistemological elements of imagination in Ibn Al Arabi's Sufism

Author(s):  Mortaji Fatemeh, Najafi afra mehdi*
* central Tehran azad university
Imagination has lied in the horizon beyond the reason, continuous imagination as an important epistemological instrument can achieve some facts which is not available for the reason. However, the discontinuous imagination has embraced the all creatures. It is the complete corresponding to the being except the God, without imagination the God and His words cannot be understood precisely and the universe in its totality as well. Imagination is identified with the heart which can obtain the intuitions and direct knowledge. Reason has its own static and fixed principles which can achieve the God’ s incomparable aspects. But the imagination is constantly in transforming as same as the universe. Imaginary knowledge opens up and in constant motion as well as the life and cosmos which does not lead to a final point of view and Idea. Ibn Al Arabi’ s Imagination has been neglected by the philosophers and then they have been prevented from many facts epistemologically and ontologically. This research has tried to evaluate the importance of the imagination in epistemology and ontology by the analytical methods.
Keyword(s): imagination,Heart,Ibn Al Arabi,Epistemology,Ontology
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