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Journal:   ENVIRONMENTAL BASED TERRITORIAL PLANNING (AMAYESH)   Winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 43 #g00659; Page(s) 97 To 123.

The Impact of Physical-spatial (Architectural) Elements on Citizens’ Place Attachment in the Bazaar of Tabriz

Author(s):  FATHE BAGHALI ATEFE*, Sanieipur Hamid
* Architecture Department, Sari Azad University, Sari, Iran
One of the most important urban elements of a city is bazaar which has significant economic, social, political and cultural roles in the society. So, this study examines this valuable urban element and its relationship with citizens’ place attachment. To identify cultural values that are the expression of historical-cultural heritage of our country; the effective steps can be taken by planning in different social dimensions in order to restore and improve these collection functions. Some main questions are: 1) what systematic principles form physical-spatial elements in bazaar complex structure like the bazaar of Tabriz? 2) What is the relationship between physical-spatial elements in Tabriz bazaar complex and citizens’ place attachment? This study identifies these elements by exploratory factor analysis, and investigates the relationship between the factors by confirmatory factor analysis. Architectural systematic principles in Tabriz bazaar complex, geometry, hierarchy and symmetry are recognized for the first time in this study as the factors influencing citizens’ place attachment. For a long time, in addition to economic and religious values, the strong relationship between citizens and this complex and despite of its changes; the complex has been the most important focus of Tabriz which is a reflection of the full view of Tabriz and Iranian culture. The obtained results can be scrutinized in planning of architectural and urbanization scope and pave the way for future studies. Some suggestions are presented for future studies and filling gaps which require more studies. Finally, a framework has been provided by proposing an understandable and practical model for awareness of architectural-urbanization designers and urban regeneration planners.
Keyword(s): Place attachment,physical-spatial elements,the bazaar of Tabriz,architectural systematic principles
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