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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES (IJES)   2018 , Volume 10 , Number 2; Page(s) 142 To 157.

Microfacies, Sequence stratigraphy, Facies analysis and Sedimentary environment of Neocomian in Kuh-e-Siah section (Arsenjan area, SW of Iran)

Author(s):  Abedpour Masoud, Afghah Massih*, AHMADI VAHID, DEHGHANIAN MOHAMMAD SADEGH
* Department of Geology, Shiraz Azad University, Shiraz, Iran
In the present research Kuh-e Siah Section in the Northeast of Shiraz in the Interior Fars, was investigated to study microfacies, sequence stratigraphy, facies analysis and sedimentary environment of Fahliyan Formation. Generally, 345 meters of these sediments were studied by investigating 240 thin sections. In this study, the indicator microfacies were accurately identified which include Mudstone, Wackestone, Packstone and Grainstone. Besides, skeletal and non-skeletal grains of these microfacies are Intraclast, Bioclast, Exteraclast and Peloid. According to lithostratigraphic study, underneath limit of Fahliyan Formation with the Surmeh Formation and its upper contact with Gadvan Formation were in the gradual form (SB2) and included (TST-LST-Early HST-Late HST) system tracts. In general, there were two second-degree sequences in this section., According to the analysis of the sedimentary environment, the The lowermost of the Fahliyan Formaion is comprised of the Inner shelf deposit Which changes to Open marine sediments (with homoclinal type) And eventually terminates to outer shelf deposit. Based on the received micropaleontologic data, the age determination of the Fahliyan Formation Is assigned to Neocomian.
Keyword(s): Microfacies,Sequence stratigraphy,Fahliyan Formation,Kuk-e-Siah,Iran
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