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Journal:   ENVIRONMENTAL BASED TERRITORIAL PLANNING (AMAYESH)   Winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 43 ; Page(s) 47 To 75.

Regionalization and Evaluation of Regional Development in Chaharmahal – o-Bakhtiari Province Using Multiple Attribute Decision Making Models (TOPSIS, ELECTRE, and VIKOR)

* Science and Research Azad University, Tehran
Nowadays, achieving a complete development in settlements is the main concern for regional planners and moving toward sustainable development is their final goal. Since social justice is the basic concept of sustainable development in the process of regional planning, identifying the existing situation and getting environmental abilities and potentials of regions is very important. It is so clear that a thorough study of economic, social, and cultural issues and better understanding of community needs are the bases of balanced development in geographical areas. Multiple attribute decision making (MADM) techniques are the effective methods for identifying and evaluating many alternatives based on some criteria with different degrees of importance. This is a high performance technique to evaluate the regional development and classification. This method includes some techniques three of which have been used by the researchers simultaneously in this article. They are TOPSIS, ELECTRE and VIKOR. By analyzing the quantitative indices in six categories, namely economic, demographic, educational, cultural-religious, health and infrastructure criteria the researchers determined levels of development among counties in Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtiari province. Using the three techniques and performing a comparative study, the researchers had a high accuracy in regionalization. They concluded that the counties in this province were suitable to develop and those which are adjacent to Isfahan province have been more developed. The ranking order of the developed counties is: Shahrekord, Lordegan, Borujen, Kiar, farsan, Kouhrang, Ardal.
Keyword(s): TOPSIS,ELECTRE,VIKOR,regionalization,assessment of development,Chaharmahal–o-Bakhtiari province
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