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Journal:   MYTHO-MYSTIC LITERATURE JOURNAL (PERSIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE JOURNAL)   Spring 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 54 ; Page(s) 75 To 107.

The Talisman of Jamshid The Analysis of a Mythological Theme in Heroic Poems and Story-telling Texts (Naqqali); Based on Sā m-nā meh

Author(s):  JOUKAR MANOOCHEHR*, Rezae Dashtearzhanah Mahmood, EBRAHIMI MOKHTAR, Ashna Lale
* Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
According to one of Iranian myths, Khvarenah (splendor or Farrah) separates from Jamshid in the disguise of a Warghan (Symorgh or falcon) and is released to Mitra, Fereydoun and Garshā sb. It is one of the ancient mythological underpinnings that has a strong reflection in Iranian mythology, epic and story-telling texts (naqqali). A mythological underpinning undergoes a variety of alterations-based on the temporal and spatial context-in its journey from the world of myth to the logical sphere of epic so that it would appear rational to the minds of readers. Then, in changing from epic to folk literature, has been transformed in accordance with the taste of people. Therefore, a mythological motif distances thematically from its origin to such an extent that it is difficult to locate its roots. In the present article, the attempt is made to consider the nexus of Jamishid’ s talisman with separation of his Khvarenah and its releasing to Garshasb in the following heroic poems and story-telling scrolls (tumā r): Sā m-nā meh, Garshā sb-nā meh, Bahman-nā meh, Farā marz-nā meh, Jahā ngir-nā meh, Shahryā r-nā meh, Tumar Naqqā li Shā hnā meh, Tumā r Haft Lashkar, Tumā r Kohan Shā hnā me Ferdowsi, Tumā r Shā hnā meh Ferdowsi, Zarrin Qabā nā meh, Tumā r Sā me Savā r va Dokhtar Khā qā n Chin. According to the authors of this paper, the attempts of Sistani heroes to open the talisman of Jamshid and to get the treasure or the sword embedded in the talisman are symbolic representation of releasing the heroic splendor (Khvarenah) from Jamshid to Garshā sb and it is presented as a metamorphic form in heroic poems and story-telling texts (naqqali).
Keyword(s): Jamshid,Garshā,sb,Sā,m-nā,meh,Heroic Poems,Story-telling Texts (Naqqali)
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