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Journal:   JOURNAL OF NEW APPROACH IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 (36) #p00545; Page(s) 191 To 216.

Providing a Model for Developing Philosophic-Mindedness in Primary School Mathematics Curriculum

The purpose of this study was to providing a model for developing philosophic-mindedness in primary school mathematics curriculum. This research was an applied research and its method was field study research. Population in this research included experts' works on philosophic-mindedness and primary school mathematics curriculum have been published in various print and electronic resources. The sample was purposely selected from among the resources available to the researcher. Data was collected by taking notes. After data was collected, they were studied, summarized and concluded. Finally, intended model was introduced. Findings showed that philosophic-mindedness consists of three components such as comprehension, penetration and flexibility that in order to develop students' philosophic-mindedness, each of four elements (objectives, content, teaching methods and evaluation) of primary school mathematics curriculum should be determined based on the dimensions of philosophic-mindedness. Accordingly, the characteristics of each of four elements of primary school mathematics curriculum were presented in the form of a model to develop students' philosophic-mindedness.
Keyword(s): curriculum,curriculum model,philosophic-mindedness,mathematics curriculum,primary school
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