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Journal:   JOURNAL OF NEW APPROACH IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 (36) ; Page(s) 127 To 145.

Study The Role Of Curriculum Content Change On The Performance Of Fourth Grade Students In International Tests TIMSS Shiraz City

Author(s):  zianejad shirazi asieh, GHOLTASH ABBAS*
* Department of Education Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology, marvdasht Azad University
The Purpose Of This Study Was To Compare The Performance Of Students On The TIMSS 2011 And TIMSS 2015 To Be Monitored A Positive Or Negative Effect Resulting From Changes OF Curriculum. The Methodology Of The Study In Terms Of Goal Is An Applied And In Terms Of Data Collection Method Is Descriptive The Kind Of Causal-Comparative And Cross-Sectional. The Population Has Been The Schools Participating In TIMSS 2011 And 2015 And The sample of the schools of the city of Shiraz who participated in TIMSS 2011 and TIMSS 2015 again it was received. Thames 2011 Sampling Conducted In The Same Manner As Regular Stratified. Sampling Method WAS The Same Way Implemented In THE TIMSS 2011 THST Two Stage Stratified Cluster Sampling Technique Was Used. Data Collected In This Study Were The International Test TIMSS In YEAR 2011, THAT Was Created BY An International Association For The Evaluation Of Educational Achievement (IEA). The Test Because THAT Is The Global Standard Test Validity Of THAT Is Confirmed And Used From Method Cronbach's Alpha To Reliability Calculate And Was Estimated On About 30 Persons In The Study Population And Obtained The Coefficient 0. 85 That It Is The Mark Of Reliability. To Analyze The Data, Was Used From Independent T-Test And Multivariate Analysis Of Variance (MANOVA). The results showed that the average overall performance of students participating in TIMSS 2015 and 2011 a significant difference (p> 0/01) does not exist.
Keyword(s): TIMSS & PIRLS international tests,academic performance,changes in curriculum content
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