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Journal:   JOURNAL OF NEW APPROACH IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 (36) ; Page(s) 91 To 105.

Standardization and designing the questionnaire for assessing the effectiveness of electronic in-service curriculum among educational managers

Author(s):  TALEBI SAEED*
Aim This study aimed to standardize and design the questionnaire for assessing the effectiveness of electronic in-service training curriculum among managers. . Method The research method was correlation and statistical populations in this study are all managers in Shiraz between four areas; three areas randomly selected as the sample area and then based on census sampling, questionnaires were distributed among all state and private school managers (242) in this area. In this study, using the goals proposed by Mirkamali and the principles about other elements of electronic curriculum, such as electronic content Prata and Lopez (2005), materials and educational resources Naidu (2005), learning activities Holmes and Gardner (2006), teaching-learning strategies Garrison (2006), Evaluation of virtual curriculum Naidu (2005), a questionnaire was designed. To investigate data, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was performed. Findings In exploratory factor analysis of six major factors include: goals and objectives, content, learner activities, teaching-learning strategies (teaching), materials and educational resources, and evaluation can explain overall 57. 634 percent of the total variance measure of the effectiveness of training In-service managers. And one item is removed and the number of items of the questionnaire was reduced from 28 to 27Confirmatory factor analysis showed that the statements of the questionnaire of virtual in-service curriculum for training managers will be accepted. Conclusion Content and construct validity of inventory scale in virtual training curriculum for an educational manager is desirable. And it can be used for the evaluation of in-service training of educational administrators and managers.
Keyword(s): Standardization,effectiveness of curriculum,electronic training courses,educational managers
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