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Journal:   RESEARCH AND URBAN PLANNING   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 35 #p00544; Page(s) 139 To 150.

Community-led Urban Regeneration Through Training Based on Islamic Thought in Tabriz`s Sorkhab Historical Zone

Author(s):  najdaghi nastaran, Nejad Ebrahini Ahad
Disregarding for the role of residents who live in urban neighbors is the most important reason of failure to implement urban development projects in Iran. It is the result of lack of planning to attract participation neither teaching them, not to learn all people with the aim transferring experiences and to make appropriate methods to paradigm shift in the participants, on the other hand there are not enough awareness and expertise in the urban manager groups and the administrative experts. In addition, it is necessary to produce conceptual framework for educating, training and learning residents based on creed, native culture and identity of Islamic-Iranian society. This study includes specifying the position of social education during common participation attraction process and also making clear the theoretical and philosophical basis of Islamic Ideology about social education with emphasized on the role of community and participation concept. Likewise in order to Islamic thought’ s nature about social education and training and social behaviors in the community, defining the aims, principles, methods and contents of social education and training affected Islamic thought organize the main purposes of this study. Gathering data has been done with questionnaire, interview, and field study. This study is applied research and done with descriptive and analytical methods. To assess the factor’ s effectiveness T-Test and One-way ANOVA Analysis has been taken. The results show there is a significant positive relationship between social education and sustainable urban regeneration.
Keyword(s): Urban regeneration,Society,education,Islamic Realism,Historic zone
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