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Journal:   RESEARCH AND URBAN PLANNING   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 35 ; Page(s) 123 To 137.

Evaluation of Maskan-e Mehr Program with Regard to Qualitative and Quantitative Housing Factors (Case study: Shahreza Maskan-e Mehr)

Author(s):  NOORAIE HOMAYOON, Kohan fardin
But the need of housing in more of developing countries due to rapid population growth become a serious problem. Including the citis with the problem of shortage of housing involved has been the shahreza city. This city according to the specific geographical location and placement in the center of the communication, in Isfahan province, fars and chahar mahal va bakhtiari as a city of immigrant it is considered and in recent decades embraces wide immigration, especially from villagers and low income groups has been. This issue has caused hard Increment of informal housing in shahreza city and this city about the attention of the government for maskan-e mehr program in 1380. Due to the importance of maskan-e mehr program in shahreza city, because the widely area, in this article evaluated the maskan-e mehr program in factors of economic, social, environmental and physical. The methodology of this study is descriptive-analytic and library and field methods (observation, questionnaire and interview) were used to collect the data. In addition, multi-criteria analysis of AHP is used to analyze the data. Results show that economical factor, social factor, environmental factor, and Physical factor take score of 0/86, 0/72, 0/49 and 0/67 frome score of 1. So economical factor has proper Status, social factor has proper relatively Status. environmental factor has medium status and Physical factor has proper relatively status. also maskan-e mehr program of shahreza city in final evaluation take score of 0/72 which it was implemented in relatively good way.
Keyword(s): Maskan-e mehr Program,Housing,Urban low-income groups,Qualitative and quantitative factors,Shahreza City
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