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Journal:   RESEARCH AND URBAN PLANNING   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 35 ; Page(s) 97 To 110.

Evaluation of detailed plan proposed areas for urban green spaces by applying analytical network process (ANP) In Geographic Information System (GIS) (case study: Javadiyeh Area in Tehran 16 region)

Deteriorated areas are one of the most important problems of the cities of our country. Javadiyeh area is one of the urban areas suffering from the deterioration problem and lack of public services. This research conducted with the aim of evaluating detailed plan proposals based on the location criteria of green space. This research, in terms of purpose is practical and with regard to method is descriptive-analytical. Data collection was done in two steps: In the first step, the background and theoretical framework were compiled by using documentary studies and criteria were extracted. In next step, by applying expert-Delphi method (15 persons) and distribution of questionnaires, the priority of the criteria were assessed in comparison with each other. Accordingly, the criterion of closeness to demographic centers with a significance of 36. 57% has the most importance compared to other criteria. Criteria for closeness to educational centers, closeness to access roads, distance from existing parks, and closeness to cultural centers at the next levels are important. Finally, by using weighted evaluation criteria and integrating ANP and GIS, suitable areas for creating green spaces in the Javadiyeh area were identified. According to this study it can be concluded that detailed plan proposals has not been adaptation with priority areas for green spaces creation. according to the flexibility of scenario planning, It is proposed to apply scenario planning approach in future plans. It is possible to exploit this research results for developing green spaces in future plans of this area.
Keyword(s): Deteriorated Urban Tissue,Green Space,Analytical Network Process,Site selection,Javadiye Area
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