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Journal:   JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE)   summer 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 2 #M00582; Page(s) 241 To 258.

Measurement of the Factors Affecting the Tendency of Iranian Consumers to Buy and Consume Iranian Goods

Author(s):  SAEIDA ARDAKANI SAEID, Saneian Zahra Sadat, Menati Nahid*
* Department of Business Management, Faculty of Economics, Management and Accounting, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran
Objective In the event of continued failure to pay attention to domestic products, there will be irreparable damage to the economic structure of the country. Accordingly, the country undoubtedly needs an increase in the tendency among the people to use Iranian goods, which will lead to the growth of domestic industries, the decline of unemployment and, ultimately, the increase of national production. In this regard, the present research tries to focus on two mediating variables of attitudes and mental conflicts, beyond the socio-economic variables studied in other researches and to identify a distinct set of effective variables on consumers’ inclination to buy Iranian goods. Methodology This is a descriptive-survey research and is applied in nature. The statistical population of the present study consists of Yazd University students from which 370 people were randomly selected as the sample. The data collection tool is a standard questionnaire. In this research, the researchers seek to examine the product / markets in the domestic market with similar international counterparts. Therefore, we did not consider only a single product / market. PLS2 and SPSS (version 21) software have been used for data analysis. Findings The findings of the research indicate that the three variables of perceived value, patriotism and consumer trust have a significantly positive effect on consumers’ mental conflict with the consumption of Iranian goods, but the two variables of global openness and perceived risk have a significantly negative effect on that. We can also confirm the significantly positive effects of the two variables of perceived value and patriotism as well as the significantly negative effect of two variables of global openness and perceived risk on consumers’ attitudes toward consumption of Iranian products. Moreover, consumers’ attitudes and consumers’ mental conflicts are shown to have a significantly positive effect on consumers’ willingness to buy and use Iranian goods. Conclusion One of the most powerful strategies to penetrate into a new market is the supply of superior quality products with lower prices. The price advantage will immediately attract the customers’ attention, and those who buy the product will be affected by its quality. Consumers’ beliefs about what's going to happen in the future are one of the key determinants of consumer trust, which reflects consumer optimism or pessimism towards their future. When the consumer is optimistic about his future, he is more closely connected himself to the consumption of Iranian goods and is more involved with these products and commodities. People with higher global openness have higher expectations from Iranian products and because these expectations have not been satisfactorily fulfilled; as a result, no positive attitude has been formed. The consumer will only be willing to buy our product if we can provide a unique competitive advantage over other competitors. Promotional strategies should be implemented intelligently and in line with the product life cycle, promotional strategies of other competitors, the relative advantage of our product, and the target market. Emphasis on patriotism will not be effective without regard to other factors affecting consumers’ attitudes. Obviously, when the consumer has a positive attitude towards Iranian goods and his mental conflict with these commodities is at a level that gives rise to gaining information about these products, such motivational states will trigger behaviors and the intention to purchase will be formed.
Keyword(s): Iranian goods,attitude,behavioral intentions,involvement
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