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Journal:   RESEARCH AND URBAN PLANNING   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 35 #p00544; Page(s) 69 To 82.

Analysis of the role of passive defense in Tabriz with crisis management approach

Author(s):  mohammadian mahmood, HOSSEINI SEYYED ALI, hajiaghaei kamrani monireh
Crisis management is a set of decisions which is done in the face of crisis and aims to decrease the crisis process, control, reduce and resolve the crisis. Passive defense, especially in the subgroup of humanitarian crises, is a dynamic phenomenon. It can so be placed on the priority of scientific and research efforts. The main objective of this research is to analyze the role of civil defense in case of natural disasters in the city of Tabriz. The research is, in terms of purpose, applicable, and in terms of methodology descriptive-analytical. Factor analysis was used for analyzing multiple inferential questions. From the expert’ s point of view, the results of factor analysis indicates that organizational factors, geographic and climatic factors as well as social, economic and political planning of passive defense in Tabriz Which showed a total of all items load factor higher than 50%. This means that relationship and correlation between factors (physical, social, economic, political), covering the entire operating space. The results showed that organizational factors related to planning expert analysis of passive defense in Tabriz Load factor 87. 90%; Factor analysis of environmental and social, economic and political planning passive defense in Tabriz loading factor of 85. 20% and 79/99% respectively. as well as analysis of geographical and climatic factors related to the planning of passive defense in Tabriz with a load factor of 64. 75% cover variable space concept, Therefore, it is concluded that variables associated with passive defense planning has been validated and confirmed their relations.
Keyword(s): Analysis,natural disaster,passive defense planning,Tabriz,urban management
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