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Journal:   RESEARCH AND URBAN PLANNING   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 35 #p00544; Page(s) 47 To 56.

Factors Affecting the Social Interactions of Citizens of Apartment Houses (Case Study: Shiraz City)

Purpose: A rapid increase in urban population resulting from the breakdown of social ties between families and the weakening of cultural traditions in most of the major cities of the country, Has caused many problems in social relations: Apartment building as a subset of urban living is one of the issues that in recent years due to population growth and, consequently the need for new housing to While spreading created new Challenges and Consequences. Research Methodology: The research method has been quantitative and survey method. The statistical population consisted of all citizens living in a 15-year-old flat in the city of Shiraz with a sample size of Using the Cochran formula 600 people: The cluster sampling method and the data gathering tool were a researcher-made questionnaire: SPSS and Amos software were used to analyze the data: findings: The results of the structural equation model were shown Social trust (0/253), social security (0/178), religious facilities (0/164), amenities (0/133), apartment life satisfaction trust (0/190), social support (0/168) and lifestyle (0/133) have a positive and significant effect on the social interactions of citizens living in Shiraz: Social networks (-0/130) have a negative and significant impact on the social interactions of citizens living in Shiraz: The structure of the model showed that the social trust variable with direct effect (0. 25) explained the most variance of social interactions. Conclusion: The results of this study showed that with the increase of social and Cultural factors, the social interactions of apartment citizens also increase.
Keyword(s): social interactions,residential apartment,social security,Social trust,shiraz city
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