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Journal:   QURANIC DOCTRINES   spring-summer 2019 , Volume - , Number 29 ; Page(s) 223 To 250.

The Comparative Study of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas with the Holy Quran

Author(s):  Mulla Kazemi Ali, Motamed Shariati S.K.
The Infancy Gospel of Thomas is one of informal gospels. Some similarities between it and the holy Quran make some orientalist believe that some verses of the holy Quran have been borrowed from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas by the holy prophet of Islam. Therefore, this note has been organized to answer this problem. How many are similarities and differences between the Infancy Gospel of Thomas and the holy Quran? Are the available dissimilarities showing that the holy Quran being borrowed from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas? The comparative study between the Infancy Gospel of Thomas and the holy Quran indicates that speaking in the cradle, curing patients with Vitiligo and sending down food from heaven are of miracles which are solely mentioned in the holy Quran and in contrast making the disturbed water pure and excellent and multiplying it, stretching wood, fixing the broken pitcher and knowing alphabet and letters are of miracles which are only expressed in the Infancy Gospel and forming sparrows from clay, healing the sick, raising the dead and informing ghayb (unseen) are of the most important similarities between the holy Quran and the Infancy Gospel. From the other side, this gospel including subjects such as stating parents for Jesus (p. b. u. h), cursing, scoffing and abusing people by Jesus and narrative detail and relying on details which have no role in the educational and guiding dimensions and also the holy prophet (p. b. u. h) being illiterate, having no relation with and not using the persons who knew the sacred texts and the difference between the expressive style and the content of the holy Quran with the Infancy Gospel clearly shows the divine origination of the noble Quran and man origination of the Infancy Gospel narrations. The approach of desacralization of Jesus in the Bible is seen.
Keyword(s): The noble Quran,The Infancy Gospel of Thomas,Prophet Jesus (p.b.u.h),The approach of the desacralization,The content and speech style
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