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Journal:   QURANIC DOCTRINES   spring-summer 2019 , Volume - , Number 29 ; Page(s) 59 To 85.

The Examination of the Divine Life Style in the Light of the Thematic and Structural Readings of Sū rat al_Ḥ ujurā t Based on the Semantic of Iman and Kufr

Author(s):  Hurri Abolfazl*
* University of Arak
This note aims to study the divine life style in the light of the thematic and structural Qira'at (an special readings-recitations-of the holy Quran) of sū rat al_Ḥ ujurā t with paying attention to the theoretical subject of the semantic of kufr and iman. At the beginning, it is implied to the record of the examination of sū rat al_Ḥ ujurā t in different exegeses (tafasir) such as al_Mizan, Nemooneh and some monographs. Then, the structure and the subject matter of sū rat al_Ḥ ujurā t in the light of the divine lifestyle is studied. The expression ” يا أيّها الذين آمنوا“ (O, you who believe) is regarded a kind of summons or address which establishes Islamic ideology. It is used sex times in this chapter. These summonses have been examined in the light of the semantic of the two contradictory concepts “ kufr and iman” . Subsequently, it is stated the divine lifestyle is of salbi (privative or negative) type and it is vital to be avoided in the divine lifestyle according to the semantic of the two concepts “ iman and kufr” and their semantic field, it is investigated sex disagreeable features: cursing, blaming, defaming, evil thoughts, not spying, backbite. Then piety (taqwaa) is the highest attribute which is effective on these sex disagreeable features is defined. At the end, the paradigm based on these two poles “ iman and kufr” for the divine lifestyle has been drawn and has been implied to some findings.
Keyword(s): The divine lifestyle,Semantic,Iman (the faith),Kufr (unbelief),Sūrat al_Ḥujurāt
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